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The numbers don't lie...

On this page I'll include the obvious and arcane facts and stats that we sports fans love so much. Hey, it's all important!

Since what we're ultimately interested in is seeing this team take its rightful place in the championship circle, in this main area I might include the current league standings. I might talk about how the season is going and analyze how good (or bad!) I feel my team's chances are given the upcoming schedule.

I also might discuss other teams that I think my team needs to be worried about.


In this area I might list my team's next few upcoming games, for example:

August 6, Kansas City, 1:00 start
August 7, at Anaheim, 10:00 start


In this area, I might list team leaders in various departments. For example, if my sports shrine is about a baseball team, I might include the following categories:

Batting Average:
Home Runs:
Runs Batted In:
Pitching record: